Customers expect that when there is inevitably an outage, their utility will make the experience as easy and efficient as possible. Yet, one in four customers say their utility is unable to avoid lengthy outages and accurate outage information isn’t easy to find. Providing an outage experience that allows customers to easily interact in their preferred way and obtain the information they expect will greatly improve overall customer satisfaction. But, dedication to best practices and process improvements is crucial.

What is in the webinar?

Escalent’s KC Boyce will be joined by EY’s Baret Chakarian and Anna Worrell to share insights on how to improve your outage customer experience.

They will review:

  • Journey to the Effortless Outage Experience. Review recent research and best practices to break down the optimal outage customer journey from occurrence to education, with a specific focus on improving Customer Effort performance.
  • Creating Best-in-Class Outage Experiences. Get a framework for engineering the optimal processes to create a world-class outage handling experience. A peek into EY’s experience as a leader in utility operations advising will show typical pain points throughout the experience and how to focus improvement efforts.

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KC Boyce

Escalent, Cogent Syndicated

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Baret Chakarian

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Anna Worrell

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