This report provides an in-depth competitive assessment of the Xfinity Mobile Quad Play. Comcast launched Xfinity Mobile in May 2017 and it’s clear that its venture into the coveted “Quad Play” space is paying off, both as a wireless service and as a tool that enhances Comcast’s core Xfinity Internet and TV businesses. Wireless, TV and internet providers need to understand the telecom industry trends and how well Xfinity Mobile is performing, customers’ early customer experience research with the service, and how much impact Xfinity Mobile has on consideration, switching behavior and customer loyalty.

What's inside?

This report shows who Xfinity Mobile is stealing customers from and why. This report reveals:

  • Awareness and familiarity with Xfinity Mobile
  • Customer service experience
  • Competitive overview/threats
  • Impact on customer loyalty
  • Enrollment trends
  • The relationship between wireless and mobile streaming