Customer expectations are quickly evolving from merely wanting satisfying service to being served by a utility with clear dedication to it’s role in the world and a focus on the customers and communities it serves. To succeed in the future, utilities need to be laser focused on superior customer engagement by demonstrating it’s dedication to service innovation and how it adds value locally and globally. This webinar will begin a discussion to chart a course to strong customer engagement through understanding what customers expect from their utility and how utilities should respond.

What is in the webinar?

Escalent's Chris Oberle was joined by Barbara Porter and Simon Watson, Managing Directors of Business Transformation at EY, to chart a course to strong utility customer engagement.

They review:

  • Customer expectations of utilities and how they've changed over time, including customer engagement KPIs
  • How digital experiences build strong utility brands and financial value
  • The ROI of building customer engagement and enhanced product adoption
  • How world-class utilities have operationalized customer engagement
  • Trends in customer service and how high customer engagement and technology adoption impacts call centers
  • How to leverage customer engagement to drive customer lifetime value and uncover innovative product and service opportunities





Chris Oberle

Escalent, Cogent Syndicated

Chris has advised utility managements for over 2 decades and helps energy clients build customer relationships through strengthening service, brand, and product experiences.
Barbara Porter_Purple


EY Logo-1

Barbara Porter

EY, Business Transformation

Barbara leads the Customer Service group and works with utility chief customer officers and customer experience executives as a trusted advisor. She works closely with teams to optimize and streamline customer service operations and product and service growth strategies to accelerate growth and performance. 
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Simon Watson

EY, Business Transformation

Simon is a Managing Director in EY’s Business Consulting practice focused on electric utilities. With over 30 years of professional experience advising utility and energy companies, he helps his clients align and develop strategies to manage the energy transition with a focus on growth and performance improvement.