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Outages are inevitable but they don’t have to negatively impact your energy brand. In fact, our data show that an outage that is proactively communicated and resolved can actually build customer loyalty and lead to more engaged customer relationships.

Outage Experience & Reliability will tap into our wealth of consumer data to uncover how actual reliability and utility communication influences customer perceptions of reliability. In addition, the report will dig into what makes a successful customer outage experience, including preferred channels and the information customers are looking for as well as how to think about setting estimated times of restoration.


The report will enable subscribers to:

Understand Outage Impact
Understand what parts of the outage experience have the biggest impact on customer perceptions

Learn From the Best in Class
Learn how leading utilities have created an exemplary outage experience for their customers

Benchmark Your Utility
Benchmark your outage performance against leading utilities


  • 55,000+ residential electric and combination utility customers
  • 100 electric, natural gas and combination utilities
  • Web-based survey
  • Sample design: US census data and strict quotas used to ensure a trustworthy and representative sample of each evaluated utility’s customers based on age, income and race

Areas of Inquiry

Service Satisfaction Factors

  • Proactivity of providing accurate information during outages
  • Ease of obtaining outage information
  • Organizational commitment to safety and reliability of services
  • Education on transmission line safety
  • Investment in system safety and reliability
  • Ensuring line safety from hazards
  • Time of service interruption
  • Outage information accuracy
  • Supplying outage map using digital channels (e.g., mobile, internet, social media)

Outage Diagnostics

  • Number of outages greater than five minutes
  • Reason for lengthy outage
  • Planned outage:
    • Proper notification beforehand?
    • Was power turned off earlier, on time or later?
    • How much earlier or later was power shut off from scheduled time?
  • Use of 10 channels to convey outage information
  • Type of outage information provided (time outage began, cause of outage, updated ERT, number of people affected, etc.)
  • If restoration communication was released
  • ERT information (earlier, on time, later)

Reliable Quality Factors

  • Willingness to support customers experiencing service problems
  • Dedication to community and employee safety
  • Use of technology to improve services
  • Continuous quality and reliability dedication
  • Emergency and service interruption preparedness

Subscription Details

Publication Date: July 2022

  • Detailed report with analysis of data

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Cogent Syndicated 2022 Outage Experience & Reliability Factsheet