Cogent Syndicated
There is no end in sight to merger and acquisition activity in the financial services industry. The consolidation from prior years has been amplified by the events of 2020. A global economic slowdown, nationwide shutdowns, rampant unemployment and a seemingly unstoppable pandemic have made joining forces with former competitors one of the fastest paths for growth.

What's in the case study?

A leading, global asset management firm sought to grow their market share by acquiring a competitor. While they understood the external optics, they didn’t have deep insight into how advisors and investors viewed the newly acquired brand within the competitive marketplace. Learn how Cogent Syndicated helped them:

  • Obtain an understanding of the perceptions of the acquired brand in the market 
  • Pinpoint the strongest areas for product growth and uncover areas in which the acquired brand’s reputation could be optimized
  • Determine where the two brands aligned and differed externally in terms of trust, consideration and loyalty