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Investor RolloverAssets in Motion

Uncovering IRA and retirement marketplace opportunities

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The report will enable subscribers to:

Understand the size of the rollover IRA market and determine which investors are likely to roll over assets

Uncover which firms investors are planning to roll their assets to and determine your position among your competitors

Improve marketing and communication to encourage rollover activity and increase market share



  • 4,600 DC plan participants actively contributing to a DC plan and/or having at least $5,000 in a former employer’s DC plan
  • Web-based survey
  • Statistically representative sampling using US census data to mirror the engaged participant universe by gender, region, age, education and household income


Subscription Details

Survey fielded: May 2018
Publication: July 2018
On-site strategy session: Starting August 2018


  • Detailed report including a summary of findings and strategic implications

Investment: $9,500


Areas of Inquiry

Usage of ESRPs and IRAs

  • Proportion of assets allocated to ESRPs and IRAs
  • Variations in usage of ESRPs and IRAs by assets, generation and other demographics
  • Allocation to IRAs among owners
  • Types of ESRP account ownership

The Rollover Opportunity

  • Proportion of investors with assets in former-employer plans
  • Percentage of investable assets in former ESRPs
  • Length of time assets were held in former ESRPs
  • Likelihood of investors to roll over assets to an IRA
  • Profile of investors likely to roll over assets
  • Triggers of rollover activity
  • Preferred rollover destination
  • Reasons for selecting preferred rollover IRA destination
  • ESRP rollover potential
  • Consideration of top providers for rollover IRAs
  • Competitive threats and opportunities

Financial Wellness and Retirement Preparedness

  • Assessment of current financial situation and steps taken by participants to prepare for retirement
Percentage of AUM in DC plans
• Percentage of compensation from DC plans
• Number and size of plans managed
Services provided to DC plan sponsors and participants
• Impact of fee disclosure regulations
• Number of plan providers typically recommended
• Number and type of investment options typically recommended
• QDIA option used most often
• Target date fund recommendation
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Investor Rollover Assets in Motion