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Investor Brand Builder

Maximize purchase intent among investors and expand client relationships

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The report will enable subscribers to:

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand to adjust strategies, increase investor loyalty, retain assets and attract new clients

Identify investors who are ready-to-act and develop effective campaigns to get your firm in these investors’ consideration set and increase market share

Benchmark performance against your competitors to improve brand positioning



  • 4,000 US adults with investable assets of at least $100,000
  • Web-based survey
  • Stratified sample to allow for subgroup analysis by assets, age, generation, gender, distribution channel, advisor usage and other key variables


Subscription Details

Survey fielded: June–July 2018
Publication: October 2018
On-site strategy session: Starting November 2018


  • Printed summary report with key insights on affluent investor market
  • On-site custom strategy session and custom presentation with up to two investor segments that provide a deep understanding of the market opportunities most relevant to your business strategy

Investment: $30,000


Areas of Inquiry

Use of Advice Among Affluent Investors

  • Financial advisor relationships vs. online distributor relationships
  • Robo-advisor usage and satisfaction
  • Loyalty with financial advisors

Brand Equity for Leading Distributors and Product Providers

  • Unaided consideration and overall awareness
  • Brand impression and imagery association
  • Overall consideration

Distributor and Mutual Fund and ETF Provider Brand Usage, Satisfaction and Loyalty

  • Penetration
  • Share of assets
  • Loyalty
  • Satisfaction with a battery of client experience attributes
  • Intent to increase/decrease investments

Affluent Investor Profile

  • Account and product usage
  • “Ready-to-act” investors likely to invest in next three months
  • Risk tolerance and active/passive allocation
  • Attitudinal battery including trust in the financial community
  • Financial planning attitudes and behavior
  • Investor touchpoints
Percentage of AUM in DC plans
• Percentage of compensation from DC plans
• Number and size of plans managed
Services provided to DC plan sponsors and participants
• Impact of fee disclosure regulations
• Number of plan providers typically recommended
• Number and type of investment options typically recommended
• QDIA option used most often
• Target date fund recommendation
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Investor Brand Builder