Cogent Syndicated
Where, when and how are financial advisors and affluent investors consuming media? Knowing what your target audience is viewing and reading can better inform your media placements and improve your advertising ROI.

Watch this replay to learn how Cogent Syndicated continuously monitors patterns and preferences in media use among asset manager and distributor prime advertising targets.

What is in the webinar?

Using findings from our Media Consumption™ Advisor and Investor offerings, we'll look and consumption habits of these two audiences. 

David Keen, our expert on all things media-related, reviews:

  • How our media measurement tools can be used to quantify the impact of ad campaigns on brand perceptions
  • How we can provide in-market feedback on specific ad executions to inform campaign optimization
  • Changes in media consumption habits of advisors and affluent investors due since the COVID-19 pandemic


Senior Product Director
Cogent Syndicated