Companies that will own fleet tomorrow will be the ones that listen to those living it today. And now you can.

Fleet Advisory HubTM is an innovative, cost effective way to secure a substantial portion of your organization’s annual commercial and fleet vehicle insights. It provides access to a large, ever-expanding member base of commercial and fleet vehicle decision-makers—currently representing 7,000+ fleets that collectively number 600,000+ vehicles and growing to over 10,000 fleets in 2020—all profiled and ready to share.

Escalent translates their opinions, ideas, pain points, unmet needs, and real-time behavior into the language of product manufacturers and service providers to deliver ongoing, personalized information from members who know the commercial and fleet vehicle industry inside out.

Navigate the deep transformation affecting the commercial and fleet vehicle industry … so you can win.


Obtain extensive, ongoing insights about the commercial and fleet vehicle industry through continuous market research activities, custom surveys, and detailed analysis by Escalent’s automotive and analytics experts.


Understand where the commercial and fleet vehicle business is today and where it is going tomorrow from those living it—with answers to what your customers need next.


Future View

  • Determine what products and services you need to deliver to your customers to meet their evolving needs and expectations.
  • Identify opportunities, test ideas, optimize offerings, and inform decisions efficiently.

High-Impact Insights

  • Implement custom surveys designed with your Escalent automotive and analytics expert to specifically target members you want to hear from about topics that are most important to you.
  • Receive in-depth quarterly reports on relevant key issues affecting the industry.
  • Contact your Escalent automotive and analytics expert with questions or requests at anytime.

Subscription Details

Core Deliverables

  • Access to rich participant profiling of our growing number of members who are ready to share their thoughts at any moment.
  • Custom quantitative surveys that are 10 minutes long among 500 targeted participants.
  • Quarterly reports on hot topics impacting the commercial and fleet vehicle industry with direct input from members.
  • Access to Escalent automotive and analytics experts.

Two Investment Levels


  • All Core Deliverables
  • Two (2) targeted custom surveys
  • Investment: $140,000


  • All Core Deliverables
  • Four (4) targeted custom surveys
  • Investment: $180,000

All contracts are for 12 months and can start at any time during a given calendar year. Pricing is all inclusive—there are no additional costs to you.

Download the Fact Sheet

Fleet Advisory Hub Fact Sheet