Automotive & Mobility Vice President Mike Dovorany sheds light on important consumer concerns about electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure that are not being adequately addressed by the industry, as revealed in the newest DeepDive market report by EVForward—the largest, most comprehensive study of the next generation of EV buyers.

What will you learn?

In this 30-minute presentation, you will learn surprising insights about several core issues facing firms that are striving to spur greater EV adoption, particularly:

  • How Time AnxietyTM has emerged as a key metric for buyers evaluating the public EV charging landscape
  • Why the industry needs to shift focus to public charger speed over the number of chargers available
  • What role home charging has to play and how to promote it
  • Why EV warranties can be as important as cost and range to consumers
Mike Dovorany
Vice President
Automotive & Mobility