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Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are becoming increasingly important for the investment community. Investors are looking to leverage their investment dollars to back companies and causes that match their morals and values.

This new report will look at different investor types and their perspective on ESG investing. It will uncover the relative importance of ESG components, ESG reporting frameworks and how customer engagement in utility efforts relates to successful influence on investor sentiment. Utilities have long been pillars of their communities and are instrumental in reducing the United States’ carbon footprint—this report will help utilities effectively tell this story to the investor community.


The report will enable subscribers to:

Improve Investor Relations
With ESG investing gaining popularity, learn how utilities can effectively tell their story to their investor community

Maximize Impact of ESG Efforts
Uncover the importance of the different aspects of ESG to focus efforts on those that have the biggest impact

Stay Ahead of the Market
ESG is still not mainstream, but learning how to stay ahead of this trend will pay in the long run


  • 140 electric and natural gas utilities
  • Web-based surveys of 19,000 residential customers, 1,000 affluent investors and 400 financial advisors

Areas of Inquiry

Investor Types & Overall Perspective and Focus on ESG Investing

  • Profile of investor types
  • Use of and interest in ESG investing in passive funds
  • Use of and interest in ESG investing in pensions
  • Use of and interest in ESG investing in non-profits

Different ESG Components

  • Environmental components and importance to different investor types
  • Social components and importance to different investor types
  • Governance components and importance to different investor types

ESG Proof Points and Impact

  • Screening process for appropriate ESG investments by investor type
  • Reporting framework use and importance to investors (GRI, SASB, etc.)
  • Reasons for framework preference
  • Importance of customer perceptions of a utility on investors investing choices

Telling the Utility Story

  • Most effective way for utilities to convey their ESG story to the investor community

Subscription Details

Publication Date: June 2021

  • In-depth written report on the areas of inquiry
  • Recorded webcast of results
  • Follow-up analysis and ad hoc inquiry support

Investment: $5,000

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