We believe energy companies that can predict who is going to buy electric vehicles next—and know what they want—will transform their business more swiftly by making smart infrastructure decisions and influencing buying behavior. 


If you're a utility and you're not already developing a plan for supporting and encouraging electric vehicle ownership and charging, it's only a matter of time before it becomes one of your business objectives. Join Escalent's K.C. Boyce and EV expert Mike Dovorany for industry-leading insights on the next generation of EV buyers to better inform your strategic decisions and help build your utility of the future. 

What is in the webinar?

K.C. Boyce and Mike Dovorany will share exclusives insights from EVForward—the largest, most comprehensive study of the next generation of electric vehicle buyers—that will help utilities plan for the future.

K.C. and Mike will review:

  • How EVForward identifies and personifies future EV owners and why other EV studies aren't as reliable for decision-making
  • How automakers and utilities can work together to drive future vehicle electrification
  • What utilities need to know about effective EV education, uncovering the customers that are the most receptive and identifying the messages they need to hear
  • How utilities can use future EV buyer profiles to inform infrastructure changes and product planning
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