Cogent Syndicated
The defined contribution retirement plan market is extraordinarily successful in encouraging employees to save for retirement. However, the system falls short in helping participants navigate the daunting decumulation phase long after they leave the workplace. Many retirement plan providers, investment managers, plan sponsors, advisors and regulators have been experimenting with different retirement income solutions for years. But the industry has yet to reach a consensus on the best decumulation approach—assuming there is one “best” solution at all.

What's in the report?

Based on data from our retirement suite of Cogent Syndicated reprots, this white paper reveals:

  • Headwinds in the DC landscape
  • The participant view of retirement income products, highlighting generational differences
  • The plan sponsor view of retirement income products, with differences by plan size
  • The plan advisor view of retirement income products
  • Five keys to solving the retirement income challenge