With over 1.3 billion vehicles worldwide, an ever-growing number of them are connected to the internet, sending and receiving data from other devices. These “connected cars” stand ready to relay information for a variety of uses, but who will benefit? This white paper offers a view of the wide adoption advantage tech giants have built with their apps over automakers’ proprietary offerings and offers a road map to success for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to close the gap with services that cater to efficiency, entertainment, health and safety.


What's in the white paper?

We provide recommendations for how manufacturers can boldly transform the role of the connected car to deliver strong, enticing benefits to consumers. We explore:

  • Competition in the connected car arena between automotive and tech companies
  • The in-vehicle features consumers want and how the auto industry can compete with smartphones and apps
  • How to position a connected car as a "concierge" for consumers with niche services that enhance journeys and improve experiences