With no guidebook for how to survive a modern pandemic, people around the world took it upon themselves to find ways to stay well, physically and mentally. No longer a coastal indulgence, wellness became a survival necessity. And brands quickly responded with products that promise restoration, balance and mood management.


The wellness movement isn't going away. Consumers aren't looking to go 'back to normal.' They want a better normal, one that includes a focus on self-care. In food and beverage, personal care, and consumer technology, we're seeing a wealth of product innovation coming from start-ups and established brands alike. This is leading to a V-shaped recovery for 'wellness' as an emerging category, with major brands expanding their portfolio and upstarts entering the market with a focus on niche occasions and segments.

What's inside?

  • Take a deep dive into how emerging and long-established mental health and wellness brands are responding to consumer needs. 
  • See what food & beverage brands are doing to help their consumers de-stress. Find out about new products and ingredients that support wellness.
  • Learn what personal care brands are doing to calm the mind and body.
  • Find out opportunities for long-term, sustainable strategies in a wellness-minded world.