Has your customer growth rate flatlined, or worse, gone down?

For many businesses, more than half of prospective customers are what we call Pre-selectors. Pre-selectors have already made up their mind about what they intend to buy before they even recognized the need for a purchase.


In our award-winning path-to-purchase approach, we have found that certain markets across a range of industries are skewed toward Pre-selectors and Validators, consumer categories that we explain in more detail in the guide. This shift toward pre-selection has fundamentally changed how people shop and means it is time to reevaluate your customer growth strategy.


Here’s the bottom line: If you’re in one of these markets, you’re losing the battle for new customers before you even knew it started.

What you will get from our path to purchase research guide:

Start improving your customer growth strategy with our proprietary approach to path-to-purchase research. After reading our guide you will:

  • See how modern shopping has changed consumer behavior and the customer journey
  • Determine if and how you need to change your customer growth strategy 
  • Understand what you need to build an actionable purchase journey map 


Need more before you download? Here are resources on the value of the new path-to-purchase: