Understanding the competitive landscape in the commercial vehicle marketplace is a daunting and time-consuming task. It’s difficult to keep track of competitors, their strategies, and their actions—and it’s even harder to compare them in an organized way. More than ever amid the deep transformation impacting the commercial vehicle industry, stakeholders need to anticipate competitors’ next move, seize the right opportunities and future-proof their business.

Commercial Vehicle Competitive Landscape gives you comprehensive insights into the commercial vehicle market, your competitors and their relative position in the industry so you can make timely decisions based on current competitive dynamics.

The only one of its kind in the market, this solution delivers a thorough analysis of factors affecting both commercial vehicle supply and demand in a highly structured, consumable way so you can easily understand market shifts and implications. It’ll arm you with the insights-first, commercial vehicle information you need to identify trends before they happen and be the first to take strategic action against them.


Find Your Competitive Advantage
Track where you are and what’s ahead with the most comprehensive data available on your competitors and the marketplace

Inform Strategic Decisions
Fuel your strategic planning decisions with a detailed assessment of commercial vehicle supply and demand

Future-Proof Your Business
Seize opportunities with in-depth insights into specific market drivers and disruptors

Topics of Analysis

Industry Overview
Current and forward-looking scenarios by segment/class, market size, growth, level of market consolidation and powertrain mix

Policy and Regulatory Environment
Key current and upcoming regulations affecting the market and the classes/segments they are expected to impact the most

Vehicle and Specification Review
Powertrain, fuel, ADAS, comfort, utility, performance, body/cab options and rear wheel options

Platform Sharing
Vehicle chassis dimensional analysis and 30-year model cycle plan

Industry Megatrends
Ongoing and emerging technology and vocation-specific trends impacting the industry trajectory

Domestic Production and Localization Analysis
Assessment of manufacturing facilities and opportunities for localization of production from overseas markets

Truck/Vehicle of the Future
Product technology basket including must-haves, nice-to-haves and differentiators as well as an assessment of the latest industry trends and developments

Supply Chain Analysis
Assessment of key component suppliers by OEM and vehicle system

Potential Industry Partnerships
Presentation of potential industry partnerships relevant to scaling technology

Competitive Product Attributes by Weight Class
How weight-class leaders are positioned in current and emerging market dynamics; powertrain options including electrification; vehicle technology stack; product features and specifications; cycle plan and product lifecycle; product roadmap and OEM portfolio

Customer Needs and Expectations
Challenges fleet leaders need help solving; impact of specific use cases on vehicle requirements and final purchase; human factors related to vehicle performance requirements; and the influence of regional regulations

Market Performance and Reporting
Plan to actual (monthly sales analysis); propulsion systems deep dive (engine and electrification outlook); market share; 1-, 5-, 10-year planning volume; fleet metrics (tonnage, etc.); product introductions and news

Subscription Details

Annual Corporate Subscription

Semiannual, In-Depth Reports
Get extensive market data and analysis covering the aforementioned topics

Model Cycle
Twice a year, get a model cycle with specific analysis of OEM vehicle development and tech stack changes

Build Plan & Delta Sheet
Get a quarterly build plan of annual OEM production volume through 2034 defined by vehicle, engine and electrification attributes plus a delta sheet

Access to Industry Experts
Get on demand guidance from Escalent’s industry experts

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