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As managed accounts comprise up to half of a utility’s load and revenue base, utilities have developed key account management (KAM) programs to ensure
these accounts receive the service and value-added support they desire. KAM programs offer personal services such as energy advising, rate analysis and introduction to offerings from a utility rep familiar with the customer’s business and industry. Effective KAM programs increase customer satisfaction and engagement, and contribute to local economic development by helping attract and retain new businesses.

The Utility Managed Account Performance report delves into the drivers of successful account management, uncovering what makes a great KAM program. The report explores the offerings customers desire and how they want to do business with their utility, customer perceptions of their utility and provides guidance on how to improve KAM programs. The Utility Managed Account Performance report includes a performance assessment and benchmarking of individual utility KAM programs, an evaluation of key account representatives, satisfaction scoring and measures of customer engagement.


The report will enable subscribers to:

Boost Customer Satisfaction
Measure and improve customer satisfaction among your key accounts

Benchmark KAM Programs
Benchmark your performance among peers to identify areas of focus

Measure Demand
Determine demand for your offerings for this critical customer segment


Results will be based upon a Q4, 2020 web-based survey of managed accounts across major US utilities. Escalent will provide the sample to ensure third-party objectivity. Respondents will be asked their account manager’s name to help in verification.

Areas of Inquiry

KAM Program Measurements

  • Account manager ratings on knowledge, service, expertise, communications and other critical skills
  • Modeled Key Account Management program scoring (based upon importance weights)
  • Customer touchpoint effectiveness
  • Customer service interactions and performance
  • Product demand factors for consumption management, rate plan, efficiency consulting, performance contracting and more
  • Service channel preferences
  • Billing and Payment preferences
  • Service Satisfaction scoring
  • Impacts of local economic support programs
  • Outreach effectiveness
  • Business advocacy for utility
  • KAM product engagement

KAM Program Outcomes

  • Measure and evaluate effectiveness of key account representatives
  • Perceptions of service, reputation and brand among your key accounts
  • Overall managed account performance assessment and benchmarking
  • Performance by business type
  • Impact of customer touchpoints
  • “In their own words” analysis from customer verbatims
  • Communications effectiveness
  • Customer service assessment
  • Product portfolio performance and offering demand assessment
  • Prioritization of what managed accounts value most from their utility
  • Modeled “success driver” analysis

Subscription Details

Publication Date: December 2020

  • Industry report summarizing results and trends
  • Individual utility and peer set performance measurement and benchmarking
  • Industry best practices discussion
  • Analysis by industry segment
  • SPSS database of information
  • Custom utility results summary
  • Webcast readout of utility-specific results (upon request)

Investment: $5,000

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