Cogent Syndicated

Cogent Syndicated’s Advisor and Investor Insights On Demand offerings provide cost-effective and sophisticated real-time market feedback from nationally representative samples of advisors or affluent investors to answer your firm’s specific business questions.

Our ongoing syndicated survey fielding among advisors and investors gives you a proven platform to gain rapid insights to better inform your firm’s business strategy. 

If you want to better understand advisor and investor sentiment in the current market environment, Cogent’s Insights On Demand can help. We are in the field every month, giving us the flexibility to be ready when you are.

Examples of How to Leverage Insights On Demand:

  • Test new product concepts/inform new product development
  • Gauge brand perceptions within specific product categories
  • Conduct ad and/or creative testing
  • Assess campaign impact through tracking association with proprietary brand attributes
  • Measure awareness of sponsorship(s) for sporting or other events
  • Ask industry hot topic questions for use in white papers, PR or thought leadership


  • One module of up to 10 proprietary questions
  • Placed at the end of our monthly syndicated research online surveys


Financial Advisors

  • Advisors with a minimum of $5 million in AUM
  • 350 to 400 qualified advisors each month

Affluent Investors

  • Investors with at least $100,000 in investable assets including DC and IRA assets and excluding real estate
  • 1,000 qualified investors each month

Subscription Details


  • Formatted data tables including any key demographic cuts in Excel, coding and verbatims for any open-end questions

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