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The quest to assess advertising impact is the holy grail of ad sponsors and media outlets. An ad placement can have long-lasting impressions (positive or negative) on a target audience. Or, an ad can fall flat, costing a firm substantial time and money with no measureable benefit to the brand. Without data to  prove what’s working and what’s not, many marketing and advertising executives are relying on little more than instinct and educated guesses to  evaluate campaigns. That’s where Escalent comes in.

We believe that effective advertising and media placement are critical elements in influencing brand perceptions and customer behavior. And we have a data-driven, statistical way of proving how advertising and the associated media buy impacts these key performance indicators. We call it “Brand Lift.”

Leveraging Cogent Syndicated’s ongoing research with financial advisors and investors, our exposed vs. non-exposed design examines key brand metrics during specific campaign periods to provide measurable evidence of the effectiveness of ad campaigns in reaching these hard-to-reach audiences.

Four Steps to Assessing Brand Lift

  1. Measure KPIs
    Cogent Beat™ provides continuous monthly updates on a wide range of critical brand metrics including awareness, impression, consideration, use and loyalty among robust and statistically representative samples of financial advisors and affluent investors. You may also choose from our existing brand imagery attributes or add your own to get a read on brand elements and messaging.

  2. Identify Exposed vs. Non-Exposed Groups
    With Cogent Syndicated’s Media Consumption™ research, we isolate the population of advisors and/or affluent investors exposed to specific ad/media placements during relevant time frames (the “Exposed”) versus a matched sample of advisors and/or investors who did not experience that exposure (the “Non-Exposed”).

  3. Compare and Quantify Results
    We pinpoint which KPIs achieve the most lift, comparing the difference in KPIs and brand imagery attributes between the Exposed versus Non-exposed groups and quantifying any significant differences. As an additional input, we can benchmark results against leading competitors to account for any market action unrelated to the advertising exposure.

  4. Recommend Actions
    Our evidence-based insights take the guesswork out of quantifying campaign impact and future campaign refinement. We measure where your campaign is having the most success and which areas need to be tweaked for maximum ROI.

Quantify the impact of advertising on your brand.

Cogent Syndicated is the industry’s leading source for insight on the attitudes, opinions and behaviors of key populations including financial advisors, DC plan sponsors, affluent individual investors and institutional investors.