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Developing effective advertising is tricky. Agencies and marketing teams must strike a creative balance between being eye-catching and credible, detailed and succinct. To pull this off, you need a deep understanding of your target audience and an appreciation for what makes them tick. Taking the time to gather and synthesize their opinions before, during and after the launch of a new ad campaign can pay huge dividends, saving money and time and minimizing reputational risk to your brand. That’s where Escalent comes in.

We believe that effective advertising is critical in influencing brand perceptions and customer behavior. That’s why we’ve built a proven method of assessing how your advertising is perceived and how well it supports your brand. We call it “Ad Effectiveness.”

Leveraging Cogent Syndicated’s ongoing quantitative research with financial advisors and affluent investors, Ad Effectiveness give you real-time market feedback on ad executions among key market segments to optimize campaigns and inform future creative development. Coupled with qualitative research, you’ll get an in-depth exploration of your campaign elements to ensure the future success of your advertising efforts.

Four Steps to Measuring Ad Effectiveness

  1. Quantitative Recall and Impact
    Using Cogent Syndicated’s continuous research, we seamlessly measure the in-market performance (recall) and impact of your creative and messaging among financial advisors and/or affluent investors via forced exposure to ad executions. We draw from nationally representative samples to hone in on your targets and can include ads across media types (e.g., digital, print, TV). Each execution is evaluated across key metrics to hone in on three primary advertising challenges: branded engagement, key message registration and call to action (i.e., the persuasive power of the creative).

  2. Qualitative Evaluation
    A select audience of advisors and/or affluent investors participates in an in-depth exploration of your creative approach, including key campaign elements and themes. We provide detailed feedback on specific ad executions as well as a holistic assessment of how well the campaign elements are working together.

  3. Descriptive Insights
    We assess top-of-mind brand perceptions before and after exposure to the creative, revealing both positive and negative reactions and how the creative impacts brand impression. Then we dig into what’s working and what’s not working with specific campaign elements and themes.

  4. Clear Direction
    Our evidence-based insights provide a clear road map of “do’s” and “don’ts” moving forward, identifying opportunities and providing specific feedback to maximize the impact of future creative executions and campaigns.

Make your advertising hit the mark.

Cogent Syndicated is the industry’s leading source for insight on the attitudes, opinions and behaviors of key populations including financial advisors, DC
plan sponsors, affluent individual investors and institutional investors.

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