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Annuity providers are facing unprecedented challenges as the demand for retirement income solutions accelerates and traditional product pricing structures come under increasing scrutiny. Even traditional distribution models are facing disruption as multiple online platforms now enable consumers to compare annuity product features and even buy direct without the involvement of a financial advisor.

Annuity Brandscape tracks the attitudes and behaviors of advisors who manage annuities for retail clients as well as the viewpoint of affluent investors themselves. This report provides a holistic view of the annuity landscape including practice models, product usage, brand perceptions and user experience—information that is paramount when making strategic decisions regarding future product development, branding, communication strategies, client engagement efforts and more. Combining the perspectives of financial advisors and affluent investors, this report is the leading industry benchmark for the nation’s top annuity providers.


The report will enable subscribers to:

Inform Strategic Decisions
Get a holistic view of the annuity landscape to inform your strategic decisions and product development

Track Competitors
Benchmark performance against your competitors to improve differentiated positioning

Identify Unmet Needs
Pinpoint the most lucrative areas for new product development


  • Web-based survey
  • 1,000 affluent investors
  • 400 financial advisors

Areas of Inquiry

Financial Advisors

  • Annuity producer profile
  • Channel
  • AUM
  • Compensation structure
  • Current and future annuity usage and allocation
  • Retail client profile
  • Work-from-home status/future workplace status
  • Most preferred method of communication with providers
  • Approach to generating retirement income for clients
  • Reasons for selling annuities
  • Recall of marketing and wholesaler interactions

Affluent Investors

  • Generation
  • Investable assets/net worth
  • Retirement status (retired/pre-retiree)
  • Product use
  • Adviced status (traditional financial advisor, investment professional,
    robo-advisor, self-directed)
  • ESRP status (assets in employer sponsored retirement plans)
  • Top five retirement income sources
  • Interest in/barriers to owning guaranteed retirement income products
  • Top retirement income goals
  • Interest in purchasing annuity within ESRP
  • Method most likely to use to purchase annuities
  • Advertising recall for annuity providers

Brandscape Metrics—40+ Annuity Providers

  • Unaided consideration
  • Overall awareness
  • Brand impression
  • Aided consideration at the brand and product level
  • Drivers of consideration and association with key brand imagery
  • Brand equity
  • Penetration
  • Loyalty (NPS)

Subscription Details

Publication Date: November 2022

  • Printed report with product and brand analysis, commentary and strategic implications
  • Strategy session and presentation designed to deliver actionable results and facilitate strategic planning
  • Custom data cuts and survey work by senior analysts available

Investment: $25,000

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