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The largest transfer of wealth in history now underway, with $90 trillion in assets is expected to pass between generations over the next 20 years1. To capture these moving assets, financial institutions need more than inheritance market size estimates, societal causes, and implications for estate planning. They need actionable insights into the behaviors, needs and motivations of those that are expecting to inherit these funds.

Join our investor experts, Steve Ethridge, Sr. Director and Kristin Hall, Sr. Syndicated Product Manager as they share insights and a first look at our new Cogent Syndicated report Trajectory of Intergenerational Wealth Transfer™ . Steve and Kristin will dive into our research and provide data on how financial institutions can develop marketing plans to capture inheritance assets.


1Jack Kelly. “Great Wealth Transfer: How The $90 Trillion Windfall For Millennials Could Change The Job Market and Economy”, March 1, 2024.

Join us to understand the:

  • Market—The size and planned use of inheritance assets by product type, demographics, and inheritor’s preferred financial institutions
  • Motivations—The criteria used for emotional investment decision-making criteria and 4 distinct motivational market segments
  • Messages—The types of messaging financial institutions will need to use to appeal to each motivational segment
  • Media—The different marketing touchpoints financial institutions will need to use to reach their best prospect segment(s) for capturing inheritance assets
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