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Customers increasingly want to transact digitally with their utility, and expectations for that experience are being driven by other industries. Utilities that build compelling digital experiences see gains in satisfaction and lower costs in serving customers.

Building a Best-in-Class Digital Experience™ helps utilities build compelling digital experiences by looking at customer and market trends during the last year. It will specifically examine how utilities can create compelling mobile offerings—both mobile web and native apps—that yield high containment and produce strong customer satisfaction as well as how utilities can deploy email as an effective customer service channel.


The report will enable subscribers to:

Understand Customers
Understand which customers want to use different digital service channels

Optimize Digital Touches
Gain insight into customer desires for mobile and email service in order to build the proper platforms, processes and procedures for digital excellence

Benchmark Against Best-In-Class
Identify utilities that are currently delivering digital excellence and benchmark your utility’s performance


  • 75,000+ residential electric and natural gas customers
  • 141 electric, natural gas and combination utilities
  • Web-based survey
  • Sample design: US census data and strict quotas used to ensure a trustworthy and representative sample of each evaluated utility’s customers based on age, income and race

Areas of Inquiry

Service Channels

  • Customer preferences and trending
  • Use and trending

Email Service Expectations

  • Reasonable response times
  • Content of responses
  • Type of device usually used for email

Digital Channel Performance On...

  • Ease of resolution
  • Accuracy and usefulness of information
  • Overall satisfaction

Service Interaction Reasons

Overall Impact of Digital on Customer Experience

  • Satisfaction
  • Customer Engagement

Subscription Details

Publication Date: October 2022

  • Detailed report with analyses of data

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Building a Best in Class Digital Experience Preview